Tips for Organizing Your Shed and Keeping it Organized

Not every home has a garage or a basement that can be used for storage. So, what is the homeowner with too much stuff to do? Many homeowners turn to sheds for storage. Usually one shed is enough. However, if you have a lot of land, two or more are perfectly acceptable, and can make organizing your things even easier.


Don’t waste valuable shed space on things that you don’t need and won’t use. Before something is allowed in the shed, ask yourself if it’s something that you really need or want. No sense in your shed space being wasted on frivolous items.

Decide the Type of Things to Put in the Shed

Toys, bikes, sporting goods, pool supplies, and gardening tools and equipment would all make sense for the shed. They would be outdoors, where you use them, and within easy reach. Once you decide which items will take up residence in the shed, resist the urge to keep piling in other types of things. You want to keep the shed neat and organized so that everything is within easy reach.

Utilize Add-Ons

There are so many add-on accessories that can be used in conjunction with the shed. Consider shelves, hooks for hanging long handled tools or even repurpose something from the house. An old book shelf, or wooden crates are perfect in the shed. Stack the wooden crates. They add more space to store things and make it easier to organize items. Buy some stacking bins and label them. Save old jars and use them to store nails and screws. Of course, you won’t want to use every add-on that is available. Choose the ones that make sense for you and your needs.

Power Tools

Power tools should be stored up, off the ground. There are special storage racks for power tools. These racks can be put up in the shed and used to story many of your power tools, safely.

Leave Room for Walking

Don’t pack the shed with so much stuff that you can’t move around in there without moving things. Doing this will quickly result in a shed that is an unorganized mess. Be sure that you leave a path to get to the items you may need.

Always Put Things Where They Belong

It’s easy to get in the habit of just tossing something back into the shed when you’re done with it, avoid getting in the habit of doing this. Make it a rule for yourself, and anyone else who uses the shed, that items must be put back in the correct place as soon as the item is no longer being used.

Follow these simple tips to keep your shed clean and organized. Doing so makes it easier to find what you’re looking for and makes the shed more functional. It may take a few extra minutes to put something back, but it will save you a lot of time the next time you need to us because you’ll know exactly where it is.