Tips for Arranging Occupancy with a Rustic Industrialist Theme that Is More Friendly in Pockets

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The true rustic style is the style of interior design that strives to display a “natural” impression. For example, using non-finishing materials such as wood, metal, stone, and so on.

As a result, the price of furniture and home accessories to support this theme is more tilted than ordinary furniture. The problem is that you can buy used goods or flees to fill your house

for those of you who are interested in arranging housing in industrial rustic style, try to look at some of the tips below. That way, your residential interior will look cooler.


Just cover your residential wall with stones, used wood, coconut wood, or maybe just use rough brick that is not cemented and painted. Don’t get me wrong, those materials will bring up the feel of “old and warm” in your home.

Avoid using ceramics on the wall. If you want, just use natural stone whose fiber is still well exposed. The use of ceramics actually creates a modern impression, so it is less rustic.

Basically, rustic emphasizes material use, not furniture selection and not color elements

Speaking of color, the predominant color is the rustic style, strong material like gray, teracotta, and brown wood. Therefore, what you have to think carefully about is the material.


Until now, the concept of minimalism is still more popular than maximal. Minimalism is closely related to simplicity, space efficiency, neat, and organized.

This concept clearly matches the style of industrial rustic that has a natural impression. You must know country houses in the United States? That is an example of applying a rustic style and a minimalist concept.

  1. Buy used furniture

Rustic industrialists are also thick with a vintage impression, therefore you can use used furniture for your home. Want to rust and look old even though it’s okay if the placement and selection are right.

The selection of decorative lamps can also strengthen the impression of rustic industrialists in your home. Many rustic themed residences that often use unique chandeliers.

In addition, rustic is also synonymous with ethnic ornaments or ornaments. Often browsers buy and sell sites online and search for used items. Maybe there are knick-knacks that you can buy.

Buy used, surely the price is cheaper than buying new furniture. It’s stylish, but it’s more cost effective.


Although we will utilize natural materials, combining modern elements into the theme of rustic industrialists is not wrong. In fact, it can get even cooler.

Try, just choose one or two modern furniture. It will definitely look unique. But try limiting it, don’t make modern furniture look dominant.

By combining rustic themes with modern furniture, your residence will look like resorts. The more comfortable it must be the same at home.

In essence, in addition to creating a warm impression, the rustic style also looks quite friendly and free from conservative or outdated elements. The interior style can also show the identity of the creative and not mainstream residential owner.

Although you can use used furniture, of course there are times when you have to buy a new one if you don’t find the right one in the buying and selling forum. Just look for the furniture in an online store

Sometimes online stores also sell wood panels that are good for coating floors or walls.

Already understand it by how to design a dwelling with a rustic theme? it’s time for us to hunt for the right material so that the rustic elements in our homes are more visible!