How to Transform Your Home’s Exterior Appeal Easily

Many individuals only think of the design of their home’s exterior when considering changing the siding or paint. There are many easy ways that homeowners can transform their home’s exterior without spending a lot of time, effort or money. Consider adding some practical outdoor accessories that can instantly transform your boring exterior into an appealing design that people passing by will admire. Little touches, like adding a window box or creating an intriguing porch railing, can really make your home look lovely. Look for decor items that also have a practical use for added enjoyment of your outdoor home style.

Don’t Settle for a Boring Rainspout

Every home should have a rainspout and gutters to drain away rainfall and melted snow. Ordinarily, these are made from aluminum or other metal and are rather boring in appearance. There are ways to improve the appearance of these important exterior home features. Consider purchasing a novel rainspout crafted from gorgeous copper or other mesmerizing material. Better yet, install rain chains that have copper links or leaf shaped metal pieces cascading down in a delightful display of gleaming metal. These can also be purchased with several sized cups that catch the water and allows it to flow in a stunning waterfall with metallic accents.

Add Exterior Home Mystique with Garden Fountains

Add some mystique to your exterior home by adding some spectacular garden fountains. These come in a wide variety of intriguing designs and can be found crafted from a large array of materials. For yards that do not have a lot of space, consider a small bird fountain crafted from natural stone or rock. If there is an outdoor garden, add some water features like fountains, waterfall options or create a small pond with or without goldfish.

Dress Up Your Porch

A porch is the first thing that visitors encounter about your home. Dress it up with pretty items that speak to your design style. For country themed homes, add handmade and painted wooden signs in colorful designs with homey sayings. Add flower pots and/or hanging plants to create an oasis of blooms and color. Adding an intricate railing, or simply painting one in vibrant colors, can add instant charm and beauty. For more modern style homes, consider adding an interesting light fixture in a geometrical design. While at it, spruce up your porch seating with an authentic wooden rocker, bold colored swing cushions or hang a hammock for Sunday afternoon naps.

Tips for Outdoor Decorating

Create a lovely walkway up to your front door. Add a curvy stone path or line your brick patio with potted plants or herbs. Consider installing a gazebo, stone bench or patio awning to encourage outdoor dwelling in comfort. Add an antique mirror or table outside at your home’s entryway. Interesting fences can add curb appeal, as do attractive lawn ornaments or a front English-style garden. With some creativity, your home can look sensational outside too.