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In the very starting, there was a problem with a robust tobacco smoke odor on this property (as some Hubbers might already know, I am an Ex-Smoker ). You being a smoker yourself try to inform me you have the nose of a bloodhound and did not scent any odor within the condo. I find this difficult to consider and let you know the first time a potential purchaser complains about tobacco odor, I am getting an Ozone machine operating within the place and which means individuals, plants, and animals should vacate the property because ozone is toxic to organic matter. I let you know this several times and voice my concern over tobacco odor and you brush it off as a result of your smoker self has the nostril of a bloodhound and you don’t scent anything.

After the Ozone remedy you come over to the property and your Smoker-With-The-Nose-Of-A-Bloodhound Self tells me you can now odor tobacco odor. Although I am not a Realtor, I still recall fondly my days after I confirmed bricks for a dwelling. I love feedback and look ahead to your comments! As I am signing the Termination Contract, you tell me you have been late since you fell asleep and then sat there and laughed about it. I am looking at her and thinking Thank God this is throughout. See Tardiness Drama Meltdown 2nd paragraph). I never do reply to you and hopefully you’re going to get the message and never contact me once more, particularly when you realize I’m approach forward of you and already have it listed!!!!

When you present up with a Termination Contract to take this itemizing off the MLS, tell me you do not know easy methods to take the Lockbox off the pole outside because you don’t have the combination. You are used to utilizing Supras and never lockboxes. Even though you had a 5-day notice upfront that you had been coming over with the Termination Contract. I did not even take into consideration asking you to not less than take my keys out of the lockbox, however I’m not the Realtor right here. It’s your job to at least know to present me my keys out of the lockbox. You drive off and my keys are still in the lockbox, which remains to be situated on the property. Three days later I even have to name and remind you to come back get your lockbox.

All actual estate licensees aren’t the identical. Only actual estate licensees who’re members of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® are properly referred to as REALTORS®. They proudly show the REALTOR® emblem on the enterprise card or different advertising and gross sales literature. REALTORS® are committed to deal with all events to a transaction actually. REALTORS® subscribe to a strict code of ethics and are expected to keep up the next degree of data of the process of buying and selling real estate. An independent survey studies that eighty four% of residence patrons would use the identical REALTOR® again.